Bellwether exhibition at the Bellevue Art Museum

My costume and backdrop created for the production of Skeleton Flower by Degenerate Art Ensemble were exhibited in the Bellwether exhibition September 11-21 2019

Photo by Bruce Clayton Tom

Flower Shaman Dress, 2018
Silk, cotton, thread, boning, fabric paint 
Artist: Elizabeth Jameson
Dress engineering: Willow Fox and Wyly Astley
Dress blank tailor: Olivia Stambor
Dress flower construction: 40 amazing volunteers
The flower shaman dress represents the finished transformation. A densely packed wall of flowers protect and inspire a life free of fear and suffering. The cone shaped hat, reaching to the sky, obscures the face so we can imagine ourselves.
The 7000 silk flowers on the Shaman dress were handmade by over 40 volunteers. Each flower was cut, painted, ironed, shaped, then hand sewn onto the dress. Taking hundreds of hours, the time and workmanship comprising this dress is akin to a designer couture creation.

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